Anna Kendrick: The Perfect Combination of Cute and Sexy (46 pics; 2 GIFs)

It’s not secret that Anna Kendrick is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. She’s classy as hell, funnier than almost anyone, she puts out pretty decent movies, and it seems like she’s just a ton of fun to be around. In other words, she’s not the dime that you’re pumping drinks into praying for a one night stand. Oh no. She’s the girl you’re trying to date. You might even meet her for coffee in the morning instead of drinks at the bar. That’s wife material.

Anna Kendrick: Slow Nod

Reaction GIF

Reaction GIF

  • augustmacgregor

    Cute & Sexy is a perfect way to describe her. She totally fits that! I’ve only seen her in “50/50″ but I hope I see her in a lot more movies.

    • El Tejon

      As do we my friend, as do we

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