Alexis Ren is One Of My New Favorite People (39 pictures; 4 GIFs)

So I’m gonna be perfectly honest here, I don’t know a ton about Alexis Ren. But here’s what I do know:

  • She’s from LA (Shocking, another beauty from the city of angels, but bear with me)
  • She’s 17 (born November 11th, 1996 so soon to be legal, score)
  • She’s of Russian and German descent (explains a lot)
  • She’s a model for Nous Model Agency (they were lucky to grab her)
  • She’s 5’8 (right in my wheelhouse)
  • She did ballet for 11 years and she does yoga (that mean’s she flexible, another win)
  • She kills the twitter game (

So get on the Alexis Ren train now while she’s still an unknown because she’s about to do big things. I can feel it.




If you haven’t been convinced by now that Alexis Ren is the next big thing then I don’t know what to tell you. Get your eyes checked I guess. Or maybe have your standards reevaluated because this girl is about as close to perfect as they come.


  • paulo rens

    i like it lol